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In today’s competitive environment, accurate, reliable and low-maintenance equipment helps your profitability. You can improve your results with state of the art HASLER equipment and technologies.

Whether your application is in Cement, Aluminium, Glass, Steel, Fertilizer, Gypsum & Plaster, Mines & Quarries or any other continuous industrial processes, you can benefit from our wellproven equipment, know-how and human size company philosophy.

HASLER, your Partner for Industrial Weighing Solutions


/// Weigh Belt Feeders for granular and powdery materials

Weigh-Belt-Feeders-for-granular-and-powdery-materialsUsed for continuous gravimetric feeding of solid bulk materials when accuracy by weight is critical and limited headroom is available.

arrowGRAVIT - pdf available
arrowGRAVIT Light - pdf available
arrowPOWDRIT- pdf available

/// Heavy Duty feeder

Heavy-Duty-feederMetering of production and inventory.

arrowGI-GRAVIT - pdf available

/// Flow Feeder & Meters

Flow-Feeder-MetersUsed in many continuous industrial processes requiring metering of free flowing powdery or small granular solid bulk materials.

arrowFLOW - pdf available
arrowFLOWRIT - pdf available
arrowGRAN - pdf available

/// Apron extractor Weigh feeders

Apron-extractor-Weigh-feedersRaw material area, sinter plant, coke oven: metering, feeding and blending of raw materials, pellets, coal, etc..

arrowMammuthus - pdf available
arrowMammuthus Light - pdf available
arrowMammuthus Clinker - pdf available
arrow Mammuthus 2000 - pdf available

/// Weigh Feeders for COAL DUST

Weigh-Feeders-for-COAL-DUSTkiln feeding with pulverized fuel; constant rate feeding and blending of various coke fractions and pitch.

arrowCOALVIT - pdf available

/// Loss in Weigh Feeders

Loss-in-Weigh-FeedersTotally enclosed gravimetric feeding device for powdery or small granular bulk solid materials and liquids. Products family ranging from a few kg/h to 30t/h.

arrowTVR 10 bar
arrowRBP - p - pdf available

/// Belt-Scales

Equipments-Belt-ScalesFor easy installation into 3rd party conveyors built for rugged use and outdoor environment such as quarries, gravel processing, mining, cement, fertilizer and chemical processing plants.
Our range of belt scales is composed of Smart Belt Scale (SBS), Large Belt Scale (LBS), for belt conveyors, and Smart Apron Scale (SAS), for apron conveyors.

arrowSBS - pdf available
arrowLBS - pdf available
arrowSAS - pdf available

/// Weighing Hopper

Weighing-HopperDeveloped for glass industry applications, HASLER supplies batching systems in mild- or stainless steel execution.

arrowRBP AP
arrowRBP AG 
arrowRBP - pdf available

/// Prefeeder

PrefeederScrews, rotary lock or any extraction device to feed the weighing system.


/// Controllers & Electronic Ears

Controllers-Electronic-EarsEach weigh feeder needs a system of regulation in order to respect the instruction of flow. These regulators PID (Proportional Integral and Derivative) function uninterrupted or in batch. They are integrated in cases guarantors to the standards of insulation and etancheity. The consoles of control and dialogue facilitate the man-machine interfaces.

arrowSound 2 - technical sheet available
arrowKSC - pdf available
arrowSCM 2 - F - pdf available
arrowSCM 2 - P - pdf available
arrowSCM 2 - S - pdf available
arrowSwitch Cabinet - pdf available

/// Rotary Weigh feeders